Garrapata State Park

This park is located about 7 miles south from Carmel on Highway 1 and extends about 4 miles right next to the highway along the coastline. Many people traveling on on the famous Hwy 1 just pass it while heading to more known areas like Big Sur area or Point Lobos. Such as me in many years. But this park is an extremely easy accessible underestimated area and offers surprising variety of photogenic opportunities.

So it offers classic views of Hwy 1 coastline.

It has interesting rock formations and on windy days you can easily stop anywhere to watch the wild ocean waves.

And in winter season it offers a small valley of calla lilies. Unfortunately this small valley doesn’t accommodate many photographers and because it became more known the flowers get more and more trampled down by rude people.

As beautiful as it still is I want to visit it again under other light conditions.

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