Bowling Ball Beach

This visit was special for me. Just one week before the shelter-in-place restrictions became effective in Bay Area I made a day trip to this wonderful beach north of San Francisco. The tides were by +2.5 ft just before sunset and I was able to enjoy the beach just by myself! In times of increasing … More Bowling Ball Beach

Point Lobos SNR

A place that I always passed on my way heading south towards Big Sur and others. I was always wondering why there were so many cars parking on the street at the entry. So I gave this park a couple of hours and its diversity surprised me a lot. You can explore the park in … More Point Lobos SNR

Whatcom Falls Park

Bellingham. Located between Vancouver and Seattle. Sometimes you don’t expect anything. Due to rainy weather conditions I was staying one night in Bellingham and read in the internet they have this small waterfall park. So I gave it a try and I was really surprised about its beautiful bridge across this lovely waterfall. From the … More Whatcom Falls Park

Oregon/Washington 2018

Very complicated conditions on this short trip from 08/20 – 08/24/2018. Everywhere in and around Seattle was heavy smoke because the wildfires. This smoke was everywhere the next days, even in North Oregon. With just 3 days of photography the only possibility was to shoot waterfalls and mystique coastline under cloudy skies. But northwest USA … More Oregon/Washington 2018