My best pictures of 2020

What a year! Covid-19 managed it to reduce the amount of taking new pictures to a few ones. I was only able to take some pictures on a short trip to Oregon and Washington in summer, to Sequoia NP in California and to add a few pictures in the Bay Area.

  1. San Francisco is always an area of endless opportunities to take pictures. This time I took some new ones from Yerba Buena Island and Grizzly Peak Blvd. behind Oakland..

2. The Bowling Ball beach is always worth a visit when the tides are low.

3. The small town of Trinidad in North California has beautiful bays and beaches

4. A day hike in the Sierra of Sequoia National Park to Pear Lake was one of my highlights of the year.

5. The waterfalls of Oregon and Washington are always worth a visit. This year I have been at Ramona Falls, Tumalo Falls and Panther Creek Falls

6. My highlight of the year has been to see the wildflowers at Mt. Rainier NP.

7. A hike to Norway Pass of Mount St. Helens is very impressive too to watch all the trunks still swimming in Spirit lake after the eruption from 1980.

8. The amazing Crater Lake NP will be always one of my favorite spots in the Northwest.

9. The area around Bend Oregon has many things to discover. I visited the Tamolitch Falls (blue pools) and the Sparks lake for the first time.

10. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in California are the Mossbrae Falls in Northern California.

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